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Glen and Cindy on VACATION

Glen and Cindy on VACATION

This web site is just a place for us to organize and share information and ideas that we have and come up with.  Please check out the blogs tab above for articles that we have written regarding items of interest at the moment.  We also share our little music projects and videos (some of them music videos, some of them just informational) which are also available from the menu tabs above.

One of our favorite things to do is to attend musical performances in small venues like The Rams Head or The Birchmire (See links on right panel).  We strongly recommend that people support performance art at places like this.  It is a wonderful way to get to know the music and the artists better.

Even better than small venue concerts are “Home Concerts.”  At a home (or house) concert you invite 20-30 of your friends and neighbors into your living room (or family room or whatever) to enjoy a personal performance by a musician.  We have hosted a few of these and have to say that they are the most wonderful way to experience music.  Participants contribute something on the order of $20 per person to the performer and in return get an incredible personalized performance.

We are also experimenting with on-line concerts.  There are a few blogs on this site that explore and recommend on-line performances.  While this is still a developing performance medium it has significant potential and is well worth spending time exploring.

Cindy started playing the guitar a couple of years ago, so a lot of the posts on this page are related to her posting music for the Grand kids.  Recording music and trying to make it presentable has turned out to be a rather fun hobby.  While neither of us are very talented, it is an extremely enjoyable thing to do and we encourage others to give it a shot.


We live in Unincorporated Baltimore County and try to take advantage of the unique travel opportunities that are available in this area.  It is a relatively easy drive to the National Mall in Washington D.C. (particularly on Saturday and Sunday Mornings when there isn’t any traffic).  The museums and historic places here are just incredible.

Detecting Bull Shit

Detecting BS BS, crapola, Horse-pucky, nonsense, tutti-frutti, whatever you call it, it is everywhere. In the age of the internet, completely incorrect information based on nothing more than somebody’s desire to sell you something is everywhere. The entire 2012 doomsday hoax is made up of BS. In this page we hope to arm you with …

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Video Page

Check out the various video projects and some of our favorite videos. Glen’s Videos Canadian Railroad Trilogy House at Pooh Corner Ghost Riders Almost Heaven (Country Roads) Keep on Tryin’ Song for a Winter’s Night Glen and Cindy Videos Bedtime Story for Stella (The Pony Man) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Xander Song Videos …

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Photo of Dave Nachmanoff

Spinoza’s Dream

“Spinoza’s Dream” – Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff writes and performs thoughtful and thought provoking music that is just a joy to listen to. His songs are the songs of life and living. His latest CD is a series of songs that are themed on various philosophers through time.  All of this is done without getting …

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Carla Ulbrich – Joe’s Ex-Girlfriend

“Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends” – Carla Ulbrich I’m not sure if Carla Ulbrich should be classified as a comedian first and a musician second or the other way around. Her songs are relevant to the ironies of modern life and give a pause to stop and look at what kind of a mess we make of ourselves. …

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Janiva – Love Wins Again

“I Won’t Cry” – Janiva Magness There hasn’t been a female Blues singer that has gone straight to my heart like Janiva since Janis Joplin teamed up with Big Brother and the Holding Company to make “Cheap Thrills” She is the best that this century has seen. Just WOW and more WOW. If you even …

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Those WERE the Days My Friend

Circe lets loose the hounds It isn’t often that a pretty, talented lead singer lets her backups’s have a shot at the limelight. Rachel Wolf and Laura Drew are just perfect backing Circe up. Their harmonies capture all of the beauty and spunk of The Andrews Sisters with the overtones of Mary Ford. Then she …

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