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  3. Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right) — 08/24/2012
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  5. Grand Am Video from New Jersey Motor Sports Park – May 2012 — 05/14/2012

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Apr 19

Missed it by “That much”

SpaceX, the Space Launch company created by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, is taking giant strides to make space exploration and research affordable and practical.  They have already done more as a company (without government funding) than all but three countries have been able to do.  Getting a capsule to orbit, then successfully bringing it back and recovering …

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Jan 01

Vypyr VIP Updater and Firmware

Vypyr Firmware and Loaders This page is a collection of software for Peavey Vypyr VIP amplifiers gathered from various sources. Your first choice when looking for software to update your Vypyr should always be the Peavey support site. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the various test and older releases of their firmware. This …

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Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right)

This is a song that I’ve been trying to learn for years. Still have a long way to go, but it is fun to play.

Jul 31

The Best – Under recognized Musical Talent that You Must Hear

Sometimes, the top bands really don’t have much in the way of talent, but have agents and promoters who just know how to elbow their way into the big time (e.g., Milli Vanilli, The Monkees, etc).  The other side of the spectrum has the most wonderful, talented artists, making music that defines life and the …

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May 14

Grand Am Video from New Jersey Motor Sports Park – May 2012

Race Girls

Some video from the pit area of the local Grand-Am race in New Jersey on May 13th of 2012. Great fun at the races. [hdplay id=17 width=540 height=300 ]   Crank up the sound!!   Glen

Jan 01

Alan Parsons’ Art & Science of Sound Recording

If you are considering recording your own music you have a lot to learn. Knowing where to start is a considerable challenge. I’ve spent a couple of years researching products, trying new equipment, lurking in audio forums on the internet, and just recording and trying to make it sound right. In the process I’ve learned …

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Apr 04

Test Post

[hdplay id=5 playlistid=1 width=400 height=230 ] Testing Flash player

Mar 21

Cindy Solo on her new guitar

Here is a little MP3 of Cindy doing a solo on her new guitar. [wpaudio url=”/wordpress/audio/DannyBoy_cut01.mp3″ text=”Cindy – Danny Boy” ]

Feb 21

GoDaddy Hosting – Setting up this site

I fully expected to spend a month or so getting things configured and running the way that I wanted them to be. With the GoDaddy provisioning setup I’m further along after three days than I expected to be after a month.

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