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Name: Glen Colbert
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Glen is a computer systems/Information Technology Specialist who likes to work on systems integration projects. He likes playing guitar, woodworking, and travel.

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Feb 17

Initial test of Vyvpr DSP Board

Quick video that shows how I set up to test a DSP board that someone has sent me for ‘repair.’ Often, the problem is not with the DSP board, so my first test is to see if it is actually working or not.

Feb 12

Spinoza’s Dream

“Spinoza’s Dream” – Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff writes and performs thoughtful and thought provoking music that is just a joy to listen to. His songs are the songs of life and living. His latest CD is a series of songs that are themed on various philosophers through time.  All of this is done without getting …

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May 22

Carla Ulbrich – Joe’s Ex-Girlfriend

“Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends” – Carla Ulbrich I’m not sure if Carla Ulbrich should be classified as a comedian first and a musician second or the other way around. Her songs are relevant to the ironies of modern life and give a pause to stop and look at what kind of a mess we make of ourselves. …

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May 22

Janiva – Love Wins Again

“I Won’t Cry” – Janiva Magness There hasn’t been a female Blues singer that has gone straight to my heart like Janiva since Janis Joplin teamed up with Big Brother and the Holding Company to make “Cheap Thrills” She is the best that this century has seen. Just WOW and more WOW. If you even …

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Apr 29

Vypyr Schematics Collection

This page contains links to my collection of Vypyr schematics, photographs, and illustrations.  Please leave a comment if you find these useful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you have any pictures if the inside chassis of any of the Vypyr amps that I don’t have here please send a copy to Vypyr Schematics. Also, any missing …

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Apr 02

Some VIP 1 Under-the covers Pictures

No User Serviceable Parts First, a couple of shots of the VIP 1 DSP board. This same board is used in all three of the VIP amplifiers from Peavey.  The other control boards connect to the DSP board through ribbon cables or in the case of the volume control with a wire connector. Please read …

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Mar 28

Those WERE the Days My Friend

Circe lets loose the hounds It isn’t often that a pretty, talented lead singer lets her backups’s have a shot at the limelight. Rachel Wolf and Laura Drew are just perfect backing Circe up. Their harmonies capture all of the beauty and spunk of The Andrews Sisters with the overtones of Mary Ford. Then she …

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Mar 28

Circe Link and Christian Nesmith On-Line Concert

Time for some Good Vibrations!! Things are coming together for a special Circe Link/Christian Nesmith on-line concert in April. Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 10th at 6:00 Eastern Daylight Time (That’s 4:00 in the afternoon for you folks in Utah). They are going to have special guest Robbie Rist on the show. You might …

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Mar 19

Raspberry Pi resurrects dead Vypyr

Raspberry PI Flash Rom Burner You can use the Raspberry PI and the flashrom program to reflash Peavey Vypyr and Vypyr VIP amplifiers that have been bricked as a result of software updates gone bad.  I recently worked with Ken Denaro who used flashrom on a PI to do the trick. For those of you …

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Removing the Vypyr VIP DSP board

Peavey Vypyr VIP DSP Repair Notes Occasionally, I will have someone remove their DSP board to send to me for reflashing. I’ve noticed that there seems to be an issue with disassembling the VIP board that was not an issue with the Series 1 Vypyr boards. It seems that Peavey is using a different part …

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