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This category contains pages for Vypyr software downloads, Schematics, photographs, and ofhte technical information related to Peavey Vypyr guitar amplifiers.

Feb 17

Initial test of Vyvpr DSP Board

Quick video that shows how I set up to test a DSP board that someone has sent me for ‘repair.’ Often, the problem is not with the DSP board, so my first test is to see if it is actually working or not.

Apr 29

Vypyr Schematics Collection

This page contains links to my collection of Vypyr schematics, photographs, and illustrations.  Please leave a comment if you find these useful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you have any pictures if the inside chassis of any of the Vypyr amps that I don’t have here please send a copy to Vypyr Schematics. Also, any missing …

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Apr 02

Some VIP 1 Under-the covers Pictures

No User Serviceable Parts First, a couple of shots of the VIP 1 DSP board. This same board is used in all three of the VIP amplifiers from Peavey.  The other control boards connect to the DSP board through ribbon cables or in the case of the volume control with a wire connector. Please read …

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Mar 19

Raspberry Pi resurrects dead Vypyr

Raspberry PI Flash Rom Burner You can use the Raspberry PI and the flashrom program to reflash Peavey Vypyr and Vypyr VIP amplifiers that have been bricked as a result of software updates gone bad.  I recently worked with Ken Denaro who used flashrom on a PI to do the trick. For those of you …

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Removing the Vypyr VIP DSP board

Peavey Vypyr VIP DSP Repair Notes Occasionally, I will have someone remove their DSP board to send to me for reflashing. I’ve noticed that there seems to be an issue with disassembling the VIP board that was not an issue with the Series 1 Vypyr boards. It seems that Peavey is using a different part …

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Jul 11

Some notes on Sanpera 1 repair

jdmorriso, on the Peavy Vypyr forum posted the following information.  I’m making a copy of his post here so that I can find this information: Hi, I’ve just solved a problem with similar symptoms where my Sampera 1 would not light up consistently. I’d turn on the amp and most of the time the Sampera …

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Feb 16

A Simple Amplifier Foot Switch for a Peavey Vypyr

Simple Vypyr Foot Switch Possibly I’m a little old-fashioned, but I have this concept of what a guitar amplifier foot switch should look and work like, and the current offerings of amplifier controls just don’t fit that expectation.  My mind just sees something more like an old Fender or Vox foot switch.  I’m not talking …

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Jan 27

Fixing a bad firmware upgrade on a Peavy Vypyr

Reflashing a Vypyr using an Arduino Uno This article describes how to deal with a corrupted firmware issue in a Peavy Vypyr Series 1 amplifier.  This is all too common of an event that happens when someone decides to upgrade the firmware on the Vypyr and something goes wrong.  It could be the result of …

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Jan 24

Resurecting the Dead (Vypyr DSP Board)

There have been a couple of posters this month who seem to have a solution for ‘bricked’ Peavey Vypyr amplifiers that are dead as a result of memory error flashes (firmware upgrades) gone wrong.  This happens way too often when Vypyr users try to upgrade or change the firmware in their amplifiers. The flash memory …

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Jan 01

Vypyr VIP Updater and Firmware

Vypyr Firmware and Loaders This page is a collection of software for Peavey Vypyr VIP amplifiers gathered from various sources. Your first choice when looking for software to update your Vypyr should always be the Peavey support site. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the various test and older releases of their firmware. This …

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