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Jan 01

Vypyr Updater and Firmware

Vypyr Firmware and Loaders This page is a collection of software for Peavey Vypyr series 1 amplifiers gathered from various sources. Your first choice when looking for software to update your Vypyr should always be the Peavey support site. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the various test and older releases of their firmware. …

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May 14

Virtual Vypyr Project

Vypyr Patch Manager Keeping track of all of the possible settings and configurations on a Vypyr amplifier can be a bit of a challenge. The purpose of this project is to develop a program to provide a convenient utility for storing, modifying, cataloging, and sharing these settings with other Vypyr owners. Additional planned functionality provides for …

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May 13

Chasing Down a Vypyr 75 USB Noise Problem

I get a strange sound out of my Vypyr 75 speakers whenever I plug the USB cable from my computer into the USB port on the amplifier.  I had seen this complaint several times on the Peavey Forum.  Therefore, I was disappointed, but not supprised when I plugged the USB in on my test Vypyr …

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May 13

Be Careful Reassembling Vypyr 75s

Proper Speaker Wire Routing I recently bought a second-hand nonfunctional Vypyr 75 to use as the test platform for my Vypyr Patch Manager project. One of the problems with this amp was that the Power Supply/Amplifier Board has lost all of its blue smoke.  Looking over the board, it seems that the speaker wires had been …

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May 04

WT’s PA Mute Modification for Vypyrs

Image showing ribbon cable splices The Mod: This will void the warranty and requires a little knowledge on rewiring/soldering. I looked at the schematic for the head phone pcb and saw that a contact (TS pull up) inside the switch was connected to the left headphone out contact when no plug was inserted. Plugging in …

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Feb 21

Speaker-Out Mod for SS Vypyrs

How-To on adding an external speaker jack to a guitar amplifier. Many smaller guitar amplifiers are not manufactured with output jacks for external speaker cabinets. This blog shows three approaches to adding one yourself

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Feb 20

Peavey Vypyr 15 Mods from Petr

Pimp My Vypyr – Modifications for the Peavey Vypyr 15

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