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Jul 31

The Best – Under recognized Musical Talent that You Must Hear

Sometimes, the top bands really don’t have much in the way of talent, but have agents and promoters who just know how to elbow their way into the big time (e.g., Milli Vanilli, The Monkees, etc).  The other side of the spectrum has the most wonderful, talented artists, making music that defines life and the …

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Jun 19

Most Enjoyable Concert in Memory

Dave Nachmanoff Performance at JamminJava Can’t Be Beat I like going to concerts.  Cindy and I try to get out at least once per month to enjoy great performers doing magic with music that we really enjoy.  I think we’ve seen some of the best bands at some of the greatest venues (from concert halls …

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Jan 01

Prarie Breeze- More Great Internet Talent

The song that I listened to most this Holiday Season was a little piece by Prarie Breeze called “When You Need a Friend”  This composition is by Janet Wohlgemut with collaborating artists Ed Cocol, Rik Frieling, and Danny Danzi.  You may need to scroll down a bit on Janet’s list to get to it.  Don’t …

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Jan 01

Paul Lloyd’s ‘The Secret’

Continuing on my theme of pointing out incredible talent that can be found on the internet.  Paul Lloyd (with Janet Wohlgemut of Prarie Breeze Fame) put together one of the most beautiful and inspirational pieces of music that I’ve heard in years.  The performances on this piece are just incredible and the recording and production are nothing less …

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Oct 01

Simply Great Guitar Music

Daryl Crowley If you would like to just sit back and listen to some exceptional – laid back guitar playing, give Daryl Crowley a listen.  His sounds are clean and relaxing with a unique texture that just melts like warm butter.  I stumbled across his songs on the Cakewalk Songs forum.  Particularly pleasing are his …

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Sep 20

So much undiscovered talent

Murphy, Ans, and Schafer I know that I suck as a musician, but I do work on improving my skills and trying to improve my technique. One of the places that this takes me to regularly is music forums on the internet. I spend a lot of time listening to music posted on various forums. …

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Jul 26

Highly Recommend – Dave Nachmanoff’s new CD

Photo of Dave Nachmanoff

Dave Nachmanoff Step Up Dave Nachmanoff, long time sidekick to Al Stewart, but an incredible musician in his own right has just released a new CD titled “Step Up.” I typically enjoy listening to Dave’s work because he is such a talented guitarist. He is a master of intricate and complicated guitar art. With this …

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