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What's going on in the Colbert Recording Studio

Jun 19

Most Enjoyable Concert in Memory

Dave Nachmanoff Performance at JamminJava Can’t Be Beat I like going to concerts.  Cindy and I try to get out at least once per month to enjoy great performers doing magic with music that we really enjoy.  I think we’ve seen some of the best bands at some of the greatest venues (from concert halls …

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Aug 24

Mr. Green Strings

OK, so I saw an ad in the monthly Guitar Center advertisement about green bass strings that glow under a black light.  This was just too intriging to pass up, I just had to put a pair on the bass guitar and give them a sound check (and a cool factor test).  I’ve been using …

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Mar 21

Cindy Solo on her new guitar

Here is a little MP3 of Cindy doing a solo on her new guitar. [wpaudio url=”/wordpress/audio/DannyBoy_cut01.mp3″ text=”Cindy – Danny Boy” ]

Mar 18

Get A Long Little Doggies

More music from Glen’s Front Room… This is a little dittie that Cindy and I are working on for Xander.  Cindy thought that the cow sounds in the background would be nice.  She wants to add more, but I don’t know…What do you think. The tracking was done using Sonar Home Studio 7.  This is …

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Feb 21

Xander Song

Cindy and Glen playing a song about their Grandson Xander and his pet cat Dempsy.

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