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Cindy Colbert and Glen Colbert on St. Johns

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  1. AV

    Hi Glen,

    First of all I want to congratulate you, and thank you, for the excellent web you’ve set up here. It is extremely useful for anyone working with Vypyr amps.

    I am in the process of recovering a Vypyr 15 (no MIDI) and your schematics were fundamental in identifying the main problem (if it might help others, the amp was muted by a defective heaphone jack, not shorting the PHONES_PULLUP line). I’m sending you a file I found elsewhere with the input board schematic. It is only slightly different from the Vypyr 2 input board schematic you already have.

    I am now struggling with other issues I believe might be solved by updating the firmware (currently v1.58) to v1.59. Presets are not recorded and some effects sound way louder than others.

    I’d like to use the arduino method to program v1.59 into the Serial Flash, but for that I need the binary version.
    I wonder if you might have this and kindly send it.

    Thanks and best regards

  2. raemondo

    Hello Glen,
    Thank you for all the information you have provided about Peavey VYPYR amps.

    I have flashed my Peavey VYPYR Vip 2 with the wrong firmware and like your video shows it is now dead.

    This is a long shot but could I use the correct firmware update for the VYPYR VIP 2 from the Peavey website
    and use the Andruino UNO or another chip programmer to flash the chip on the VYPYR DSP board.
    I know the firmware updates are midi System Exclusive message files but I thought there may be a way of doing this.

    KInd Regards


    1. admin

      bin file Sent to your email account.

  3. paul.church

    I appreciate the heart & mind of your site, Glen (vypyr brought me here).
    After a quick stroll through your music pages, thought you might enjoy a fresh take on the genre
    you come from – Casualties Of Cool, Devin Townsend.
    All best to you,

  4. daryl crowley


    My new CD is out and I’m afraid I might have ruined your link as Snake Eyes is now not a free download. BUT… You were so gracious to feature my song, if you send me an address, I will mail you a copy of my new CD as way of saying thanks. Also check out my new website at DarylCrowley.com


  5. Guitarbum

    It took some work to figure out how to “register”, and then I couldn’t find the original page while “logged-in”.

    But I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about my music and much thanks for listening. I will be posting a number of new tunes over this winter and I hope you will take the time to listen. Enjoy.

    Thanks again.

    Daryl Crowley – Ludington, Mi darylc@mmcwm.com

  6. admin

    Thanks for the feedback John. The code that I am working on now is making the data librarian ‘patch file’ compatible with the Peavy Librarian – at least to the point of being able to read and write patches to it. The file layout for the Peavey Librarian isn’t documented and seems to have changed from version to version. I’m currently in the process of testing the Librarian with a second-hand Vypyr 75 but the day job is getting in the way. It should be functional soon.

  7. john


    I originally linked here from the vypyr forums. Great site you have, the music is great.

    I saw you have a download for the vypyr patch manager. Is this functional or still in testing? Bless you should you write something worthwhile to handle patch(presets) management. Peavey should be embarrassed with the librarian they have.

    My T60 sounds amazing but Peavey needs to hire a few extra developers. This modelling technology/tube hybrid market is only going to continue to grow, Peavey better get with the program, pun intended.

    Thanks for your answers about the VPM,


    1. h_w_b

      I have a little program (Visual Basic 2005) that may help you to control a Vypyr via midi interface (you can change presets, amp type, effect etc.). Send me your email address and I’ll send you the program and source code (ZIP file). Unfortunately the comments are mainly in german, but I think you’ll be able to understand what is going on (Sorry for my poor English).

      best regards

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