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    Good Day Glen,

    This is my first post, so please be patient. I bought a used Vyper 75 Modeling amp from Guitar Center about 10 years ago. I also purchased the Sanpera II pedal. It worked for awhile, but now no sound when I plug in. When I power it up, I get the light show, but when I plug in I get I guess a frozen setting. Can anybody guide me in what steps to take to get her runnin’ again? Greatly Appreciated…

    Regards ~H~

  2. ron collins

    i have 2 transfexpro212s…1 has the batteryless mod done…by peavey….both dead the 1 without mod..led reads transfex pro212s fx…but nothing works cant nav to global…the other has the battery mod done but quit working the other day screen is blank all 4 led lights for clean crunch lead ultra are lit…amp thumps at power up but no navigation ability…was told the effects board might need reflashed..do you work on the transfex boards ..i have a lot of codes etc schems from peavey they sent back with after they did batt mod ..

  3. Marcel Beauchamp

    Do you still have that file sent by Glen?
    If so, Can you send it to me?


  4. Marcel Beauchamp

    Hi, can you please send me the binary file you were using on your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PDKEr1HhHE
    I have all the Arduino board and the flashrom software ready, I’m only missing the file.


  5. Marcel Beauchamp

    Greetings from Montreal, QC.

    Is it possible to get a copy of older Vypr firmware? (the one your are using on your 2014 video). None of firmware images available from Peavey will fit in the 512k M25P40 chip.
    Many thanks

  6. Michael J Kuhn

    I’m looking to have a small foot controller built for my ORIGINAL Peavey VYPYR 30. I just want to switch between presets 1 button for changing banks and 4 buttons for each preset on the bank. It is like the front of the amp has with the buttons. Any ideas where I can get this done.

  7. Shane McCarty

    Hi glen.. I have a vypyr vip 1 that I tried to update firmware and it quit coming on.. hopefully you can help me somehow.. I only had the amp 2 day after buying it and have been waiting months to get something that sounds decent.. would you please email me @ shane0sux5891@gmail.com

  8. Gordon Briggs

    Glenn i have just been given a vypyr tube 60. when i turn on the power the tube warm up but there is no flashing lights etc on the main panel to indicate it works. I have checked all the fuses on board the main PCB including the 1 amps and they are all ok.

    the guy that gave me the amp indicated that he had a tech check it and he indicated it was an input short. the pcb looks ok no signs of any issues is it worth replacing the 5 pin jack on the pcb? any other areas worth checking. i have limited electronic skills 🙁

    any help is appreciated.


  9. Mark

    Hello Glen,

    Where can I send a vypyr 30/60 DSP board to get it reprogrammed (you hopefully?)? I found out the hard way that the newer windows os’s don’t like the default settings for running the original firmware updating software without some changes to power settings and protocol, etc., at least. If you are not available, does the manufacturer or someone you know provide this service? Any help is appreciated. My wife and kids got the amp for me for my birthday and now it’s dead. It happened during a firmware update (actually a downgrade to 1.58 or so) using os 10 or 8.1.

    Thanks in advance for any advise or upcoming services,


  10. Alex

    Hi Glen.

    I have a Vypyr 30 that I have had for many years. For a while now, it has been impossible to change settings on the amp. The pre gain, low, mid, high and post gain can only be increased but not decreased. It is rather frustrating. I have a feeling it’s the digital encoders, but I am not 100% sure. Have you ever heard about this before? I would appreciate any help or information.


    1. Glen

      A heavy cleaning with spray contact cleaner has been known to fix this decoder issue.


        I have a vypyr 30 that the sanpera 1 won’t power up. I cleaned the connectors and bought a new cable. I think it is a design flaw

  11. John Klee

    Hi there, I found you on Youtube. I have a Vyper 2 that the light show does not work, I have voltage to the DSP.. and I guess I need it re flashed. It happened when I tried to re flash the firmware to update it… its a new to me amp, have had it for 1 day and this happened… I did get to play through it and I really liked it… then wanted to get into more features but the firmware needed updated… so I did… then killed it….. I contacted Peavey and they said that they might not be able to fix it, but send it anyway… can you fix it?? I will surely pay for your time. I can send the amp out, minus the cabinet of course.

    Please let me know,

    thanks so much


  12. Tom Meyer


    Do you think there’s a chance to highjack the signal from the pre-amp and to feed it into another Class-D-amp? Can you please tell me where the pre amp signal is located?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Glen

      I don’t think that the concept of pre-amp in a modeling amplifier is the same as the concept of a pre-amp in a tube amplifier. The signal on the headphones out is the output from the pre-amp. I feed from this into a PA regularly.

  13. David MacGregor

    Hi Glen. I have a vyper 75w. I have no sound from the speaker when I’m plugged in.
    If I plug headphones in I have sound, if I use the auxiliary in as the input I have sound.
    I have the headphone out going directly to my computer,
    Sound card and through the speakers
    Sounds Pretty good,,, but I would much rather have the amp play thru its own speaker.
    I don’t no electronics,,but I do have a go
    What would you say is the problem .
    Thank you. Davie Mac.

  14. David

    Glen, how to get the vypyr rom in flashrom version?

  15. Luke

    Hi Glen,
    I am struggling with resurrecting my dead Vypyr combo. I spoke to an electronics tech, a guy who lives nearby, and he said, after watching your video, that he could easily do the same with my amp, however he needs a flashrom version of the software. Could you please point me to the right direction where I could find and download a file?
    Many thanks in advance and best regards,

  16. Emanuele

    Hello Glen,
    I write you ‘couse I need to reflash the rom in a Peavey Vyper 30 (with Arduino method) due to I think it lost the firmware after power supply repair.
    I see a lot of resources on your site but I cannot find the firmare to use. Where can I get the flashrom version of the firmware for that?
    Let me know, if you can help me.
    Thank you very much,

  17. Glen Tennison

    Hello Glen,
    I am working on a Peavey Vypyr 75Watt and notice you do not have the schematics which are a lot different then the other models. Let me know where to send the data and also keep in touch with you.
    You can see who I am if you Google Glen Tennison or my Website that needs help but no time of course to clean up….ha! Give me a site or FTP or E-mail if you are interested. Look forward to your reply. Call me anytime please we have a lot in common not just our name.

  18. John Aughey

    Could I get the source code for the Vypyr Patch Manager? I have a project where I’m interfacing with a VIP-2, and I can control all of the parameters, but I’d like to query the current state of the amp on start up, and I’m not sure how to do that..

    1. Glen


      It has been about 7 years since I last dusted off that code. I did post it to SourceForge, but I just tried to access it and it looks like it might not be there. I’ll look to see if I can find my source libraries (I may have changed computers a couple of times since then) and see if I can send a zip to you.

    2. Glen

      If you put a MIDI monitor in place, the amp sends all of its settings on power up. I think it was a sysex file.

  19. Allan Quiros

    Hi Glen,

    This site is awesome!!!

    I have come across a Vypyr 2 (40-watt) that has a high-pitch noise in the background. There is also a noise before I plug in the guitar and the little light show happens, the noise happens in the same pattern as the lights. The amp works fine, but the noise in annoying. Do you know what causes this and how it can be fixed? Thank you so much.

    1. Glen

      Are you sure that you aren’t just picking up RFI (radio frequency interference) on your high gain settings? Does the noise go away if you change amplifier models? You may want to look at the grounding of all of the equipment around your setting (computers, etc.). If you don’t hear this noise on the clean settings it isn’t the amp.

      There have been problems with power supply capacitors going bad on some Vypyrs.

      1. Allan Quiros

        Thank you, Glen.
        This is actually an amp that a friend of mine wants to get rid off, precisely because of this noise. So, in other words, he noticed the problem and then I confirmed it in my house. I have my own Vypyr and it does not do this.
        The high-pitch noise is there constantly, no matter what amp, effect, etc. Clean or distorted channel makes no difference. I updated the firmware to the latest version and the noise stops WHILE the firmware is installing but then it comes back when the system reboots.
        Would you recommend replacing those capacitors?

        Thank you again.


        1. Glen

          The folks who have reported this in the past have found that the electrolytic capacitors on the power board were the cause. Pretty easy to do.


  20. Gerry Smith

    Hi Glen,
    I have a Peavey Vypyr 3 that was loaded with the wrong firmware (1.59) and now it’s not functioning and the computer does not see the USB input. I read some of your notes and it appears that it may be possible to “flash” the firmware back on? I spoke to Peavey and they said it may require replacing the DSP board; do you work on this type of problem? Sure hope so! Thanks.


    1. Glen

      Reflashing is a relatively simple process. Do you know someone with a Rasberry Pi and some computer skills?

      Reflashing fixes the problem without having to buy a new DSP board. I don’t understand why Peavey won’t do this for their customers.

  21. Hi Glen,

    First of all I want to congratulate you, and thank you, for the excellent web you’ve set up here. It is extremely useful for anyone working with Vypyr amps.

    I am in the process of recovering a Vypyr 15 (no MIDI) and your schematics were fundamental in identifying the main problem (if it might help others, the amp was muted by a defective heaphone jack, not shorting the PHONES_PULLUP line). I’m sending you a file I found elsewhere with the input board schematic. It is only slightly different from the Vypyr 2 input board schematic you already have.

    I am now struggling with other issues I believe might be solved by updating the firmware (currently v1.58) to v1.59. Presets are not recorded and some effects sound way louder than others.

    I’d like to use the arduino method to program v1.59 into the Serial Flash, but for that I need the binary version.
    I wonder if you might have this and kindly send it.

    Thanks and best regards

  22. Hello Glen,
    Thank you for all the information you have provided about Peavey VYPYR amps.

    I have flashed my Peavey VYPYR Vip 2 with the wrong firmware and like your video shows it is now dead.

    This is a long shot but could I use the correct firmware update for the VYPYR VIP 2 from the Peavey website
    and use the Andruino UNO or another chip programmer to flash the chip on the VYPYR DSP board.
    I know the firmware updates are midi System Exclusive message files but I thought there may be a way of doing this.

    KInd Regards


    1. admin

      bin file Sent to your email account.

  23. I appreciate the heart & mind of your site, Glen (vypyr brought me here).
    After a quick stroll through your music pages, thought you might enjoy a fresh take on the genre
    you come from – Casualties Of Cool, Devin Townsend.
    All best to you,

  24. darylcrowley.com


    My new CD is out and I’m afraid I might have ruined your link as Snake Eyes is now not a free download. BUT… You were so gracious to feature my song, if you send me an address, I will mail you a copy of my new CD as way of saying thanks. Also check out my new website at DarylCrowley.com


  25. It took some work to figure out how to “register”, and then I couldn’t find the original page while “logged-in”.

    But I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about my music and much thanks for listening. I will be posting a number of new tunes over this winter and I hope you will take the time to listen. Enjoy.

    Thanks again.

    Daryl Crowley – Ludington, Mi darylc@mmcwm.com

  26. admin

    Thanks for the feedback John. The code that I am working on now is making the data librarian ‘patch file’ compatible with the Peavy Librarian – at least to the point of being able to read and write patches to it. The file layout for the Peavey Librarian isn’t documented and seems to have changed from version to version. I’m currently in the process of testing the Librarian with a second-hand Vypyr 75 but the day job is getting in the way. It should be functional soon.

  27. john


    I originally linked here from the vypyr forums. Great site you have, the music is great.

    I saw you have a download for the vypyr patch manager. Is this functional or still in testing? Bless you should you write something worthwhile to handle patch(presets) management. Peavey should be embarrassed with the librarian they have.

    My T60 sounds amazing but Peavey needs to hire a few extra developers. This modelling technology/tube hybrid market is only going to continue to grow, Peavey better get with the program, pun intended.

    Thanks for your answers about the VPM,


    1. h_w_b

      I have a little program (Visual Basic 2005) that may help you to control a Vypyr via midi interface (you can change presets, amp type, effect etc.). Send me your email address and I’ll send you the program and source code (ZIP file). Unfortunately the comments are mainly in german, but I think you’ll be able to understand what is going on (Sorry for my poor English).

      best regards

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