Jan 27

Fixing a bad firmware upgrade on a Peavy Vypyr

Reflashing a Vypyr using an Arduino Uno

This article describes how to deal with a corrupted firmware issue in a Peavy Vypyr Series 1 amplifier.  This is all too common of an event that happens when someone decides to upgrade the firmware on the Vypyr and something goes wrong.  It could be the result of a bad MIDI connection or not enough current on the MIDI lines to provide an accurate image to the amplifier for the new code or a lot of other reasons.  The end result is that nothing happens when the amplifier is turned on.

Fortunately, some good research by Henrik Thuvander  and Stephen Teves provide what seems to be a solution to this problem.  Additionally, this looks like a good solution for Vypyr 15 owners who feel the need to upgrade their firmware when the Vypyr 15 does not have a MIDI interface to allow for the new program.

With just a little technical skill this is something that can be undertaken and proves to be a good learning experience.