Mar 28

Circe Link and Christian Nesmith On-Line Concert

Time for some Good Vibrations!!

Things circe are coming together for a special Circe Link/Christian Nesmith on-line concert in April. Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 10th at 6:00 Eastern Daylight Time (That’s 4:00 in the afternoon for you folks in Utah). They are going to have special guest Robbie Rist on the show. You might remember Robbie as Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch and probably don’t remember him as Michelangelo on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You may not have even have heard his music in “Sharknado!”

There is no cost for logging into Circe’s streaming concert.  You will probably want to log on early and set up a Concert WIndow account though.  Having  profile lets you participate in the chat that runs along side of the concert where fans can comment on the show and interact with the performers in real time.  The band does accept tips during the concert and there are a lot of options for tip rewards (CD’s Signed merchandise, etc.).  Concert Window does have a secure process for charging to a credit card of you can tip directly using PayPal.  You will want to tip these guys.

Check out this cover that he does with Circe and Christian:

Tune into Concert Window on the 10th!

March 19th – sunday sunDAY SUNDAY!!

Gibson PitchMy buddy Gibson recommends Circe Link and Christian Nesmith’s new CD “Side Orders.”  At the request of Circe and Christian’s fans, this dynamic duo put together a CD of many of the wonderful cover songs that they have posted on YouTube over the years.  This is one hell of a great CD.

Don’t forget to check out their monthly on-line concerts.  Their next show is on Sunday, March 20th.  The show is streamed on Concert Window.  If you want to participate in the on-line chat during the concert you will need to sign up on the Concert Window site.  No cost (but it is one more account ID and password to complicate your life).  If you are like me, you will want to tip these extraordinary performers.  You can associate a credit card with your Concert Window account and tip by clicking on a button during the show.  Incidentally, they have some nice reward packages for tipping at various levels.  Check these out when you are on the concert web page.

October 28th, 2015

Circe & ChristianI am just entranced by the performances of Circe Link and Christian Nesmith. Their on-line concerts are the most entertaining thing that I can remember running across on the internet. Their next scheduled concert is on November 22nd, 2015 on Concert Window,  Concert time is 6:00 PM Eastern Time (4:00 Mountain and 3:00 Pacific time).

Christian and Circe are backed up by Storm Rhode IV, Jason Chesney, Christopher Allis, Laura Drew, and Rachel Wolfe for these concerts, and they are just nothing short of incredible.

These are live, streaming concerts.  You will want to make sure that you have good audio capability for these shows (headphones as a minimum).  The quality of the audio that they stream is top-class.  In fact, I typically run the video through my big TV and the audio through my house sound system (1500 Watt Crown amp and 15″ monitors with horns).  There are usually at least three of us watching the concert in the living room when they come on.  It is a fun reason to get together with friends and watch some great entertainment.

The concerts are scheduled for an hour, but past experience is that they often run on for two.  Lots (but not too much) fun banter and interaction with the audience through Concert Window’s interactive chat widget on the side of the concert screen.

These guys put on a professional concert.  They are rehearsed (exempt for the occasional extemporaneous craziness and fun musical diversions).  They know their material, are tuned up and ready to start the show on-time.  This isn’t your average amateurish internet product.  The amazing thing is that they do all of this for FREE!!

I strongly recommend setting up an account on Concert Window prior to the show (you can use your Facebook account to log in).  THere is a lot of fan discussion in the sidebar and it is fun to interact with others watching the show.  The band watches the chat session as well and tries to respond back to the viewers.  Circe and the band pay for this out of TIPS.  You will need to register a credit card with Concert Window to make tips.  Trust me, you will want to tip these guys when you see them perform!


July 11, 2015

sjChristian Nesmith and Circe Link are two exceptional artists who produce a monthly on-line concert. They have assembled a band of talented backing musicians and vocalists. The music they perform crosses so many genre that it is not classifiable. The only label I can find that works is “fun.” They are great performers who put an entertainment package together every month.
Just as important as their talent is their understanding that you need to get the audio and video right for this to work. They put on a professional show. It is clear that they practice and rehearse. It is obvious that they do proper sound checks BEFORE going live. They actually had all of their instruments tuned and ready BEFORE the show started. Christian and Circe need to be giving seminars to aspiring musician on how to do this new medium right.

The whole on-line, desktop concert thing is in its infancy. How to put a show together, the technology, and the promotion of this new media are still suffering some birth pains. I have to admit that I’ve seen some pretty sorry excuses for entertainment in early attempts to adopt this technology. There is a serious problem with the concert sites misleading the artists as to how easy it is to produce an on-line concert. Their representation that all an artist needs is an iPad on the internet and they are good-to-go has resulted in some real bad shows and more than a few disgruntled fans.

Circe and Christian put on THE BEST live concerts on the Internet. Once a month, they invite you into their front room with a gaggle of their musically talented friends to entertain – and they do entertain! Live performances of their own wonderful songs, music videos that let them expand your view of their talent, and truly amazing guest performers.

This week’s guest is Susan James, who’s new CD ‘Sea Glass’ is full of smooth sounds that are like slipping into a comfortable robe on a warm night (with a fine glass of wine).

FREE CONCERT (Tip if you like the performance)!! This Sunday, July the 12th at 6:00 P.M. Eastern time. Don’t miss this if you are anywhere near a computer!!