Oct 29

Paul Guzzone!! House Concert!!

Paul GuzzoneThe place I’m most familiar seeing Paul Guzzone is playing Bass for the Bacon Brothers (and a few times backing my friend Cindy Alexander).  At a house concert he was performing at last April, I made the mistake of buying a copy of his EP experiment 3 in 1.1.  I haven’t been able to get the CD out of my car, or the tunes out of my head since.

So when Paul arranged a house concert within driving distance it was a MUST ATTEND event.  For this show, Paul brought along his better half, Mary Ellen Bernard.  Paul writes and performs a style that to me is Classic Rock with a real East Coast accent.  It reminds me of the days when I discovered F.M. Radio, but with new and original tunes.  Unlike most bass players (who are closely related to zombies), Paul gets into his performance and actively entertains.  Paul brought a great set list for the evening and I left after the show feeling that he had really put on a Paul Guzzone performance.  I loved every minute of the show.

Paul’s plan this year is to release three songs every quarter as EPs instead of saving up a years worth of new songs and trying to get them recorded, edited, and mastered in one big bang.  The songs are released under the title 3 in 1, with releases four releases.  The first release was 3 in 1.1.  The second was 3 in 1.2 (I think you get the idea).  From posts on the internet, it looks like he is getting ready to release 3 in 1.3 as I am writing this.

I recommend checking out his songs “Dance While I Can” and “Last Night in Vegas” first.  You will want these in your library, trust me.

Arlene, who put on the show, is a wonderful hostess and just one nice lady.  I’ve gotten new ideas each time I’ve been to her house for a concert.

Paul Guzzone is a singer, songwriter, and producer.  He and his Wife Mary Ellen also run a full-service music production company with experience in global business events, advertising and promotion, theatrical production and party entertainment, They offer musical creative consulting, custom songs and scores, talent and band sourcing, musical directing and more.  Check out his site at http://paulguzzone.com/