Mar 18

Get A Long Little Doggies

Cattle Drive

Driving Little Doggies

More music from Glen’s Front Room…

This is a little dittie that Cindy and I are working on for Xander.  Cindy thought that the cow sounds in the background would be nice.  She wants to add more, but I don’t know…What do you think.

The tracking was done using Sonar Home Studio 7.  This is a recent upgrade here at the Colbert Homestead.  One of the nice new features is a mixing limiter (Boost 11) which makes doing the final mastering much more forgiving.  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post.

[wpaudio url=”/wordpress/audio/GetAlongLittleDoggies.mp3″ text=”Glen and Cindy – Get Along Little Doggies” ]
Glen and Cindy on all of the instruments (except for the cows, who we borrowed).

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  1. john

    You guys are awesome!

    Found your site via Peavey forums

    \/Vypyr T60\/

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