Mar 26

Milk Crate #G1

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Photograph by Glen Colbert

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Sometimes, sorting the albums in the milk crates was based on the album art.  This milk crate must have been loaded because of the beautiful women on the covers.  This set includes five gorgeous women with incredible songwriting skills and presence in their performances.  Give a listen to these impressive indie singer/songwriters.  They are all actively touring/performing and producing new and wonderful sound experiences.  Check out their art, buy their CDs, and get out to see them live!

1 “Heels over Head” – Cindy Alexander

Cindy Alexander is an independent singer/songwriter who has been cranking tunes out for several years now.  Her songs have followed her life with her early music centering on the angst and issues of being a young (and very attractive) woman, dealing with relationship problems (ever have a rock guitarist for a boyfriend?).  These shifted to songs about love, marrage, and living in an adult world.  Cindy was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and her latest full CD “Curve” is loaded with tunes about facing fear – and even mortality – and surviving.

Cindy has recently released an EP “An American Girl.”  This, and her other six CDs are available at all of the usual digital download sites.  I strongly recommend “Smash” “Every Rise and Fall” and above all “Curve”

Genre: Indie Female Vocalist Adult pop


2 “I Won’t Cry” – Janiva Magness

There hasn’t been a female Blues singer that has gone straight to my heart like Janiva since Janis Joplin teamed up with Big Brother and the Holding Company to make “Cheap Thrills”  She is the best that this century has seen.  Just WOW and more WOW.  If you even remotely like the blues, this tune has got to be on your personal play list.  Teamed up with the incredible Dave Darling (who incidentally produced and performed on many of Cindy Alexander’s CDs) for this “sure to be a classic song.

Janiva’s most recent release “Original” is charting on the blues charts.  Her new release “Love Wins Again” is soon to be released and is available for pre-order.

Genre: Modern Blues


3 “Lost at Sea/Notes from the Madhouse” – Circe Link

Circe Link has been developing her own unique Genre for several years now.  She recently described her style as “Cowboy Jazz.” I tend to hear more West Coast laid back ‘hippie’ in what she does.  Every tune she writes surprises me though in a unique presentation.  Circe is a very prolific poster of exceptionally performed cover songs on YouTube (literally hundreds).  I have spent entire weekends just listening/watching her videos.

This song is from her recently released CD “Bird’s Amazing Odyssey & The Meaning of Tea.”  This is a theme CD where the songs combined and played in sequence tell a story.  Circe’s partner, Christian (a significant talent in his own right) does all of the instrument work and production on this CD.  Circe’s latest release is called “Side Orders.”  This is a collection of a few of the cover songs that she has posted on YouTube that was requested and paid for my her adoring fans (me included).

Circe puts on a free internet concert every month on Concert Window.  These performances are well worth connecting your computer to a real sound system and cranking it up.  Next Concert Window performance is scheduled for Sunday, April 10th at 6:00 Eastern Time (3:00 Pacific).

Hang with this one past the first two minutes.  It really changes up.  Remember, this is an extract from a theme CD.  The first two minutes are an introduction to the portion that follows.

Best selection of Circe’s CDs is available on Bandcamp
Genre: Adult Contemporary Rock


4 “Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends” – Carla Ulbrich

I’m not sure if Carla Ulbrich should be classified as a comedian first and a musician second or the other way around.  Her songs are relevant to the ironies of modern life and give a pause to stop and look at what kind of a mess we make of ourselves.  This tune reminded me of just how difficult it is for a guy like me to understand what is going on in a girlfriend’s mind.  Yes, all women are crazy, but some are crazier than others.

Her new CD “Totally Average Woman” is just what you want to put on when you start questioning the sanity of your better half.

Upcoming Concert Window Concert scheduled for April 19th, 2016 (Check Concert Window site for time).
Genre: Pop musical parody/comedy

5 “Revolution” – Behi Band

I’m sure that they have something like pop charts in Mongolia (well maybe).  These three gals take rock and transmogrify it using traditional Mongolian folk instruments.  This is a treat for the ears that is akin to tasting some new exotic fruit on a tropical vacation.  While I don’t believe they they have a schedule for a U.S. tour, you may be able to catch them performing at a bar near the airport in Ulaanbaatar!
Genre: Something completely different

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