Apr 02

Some VIP 1 Under-the covers Pictures

No User Serviceable Parts

First, a couple of shots of the VIP 1 DSP board.

Vypyr VIP DSP board

Vypyr VIP DSP board

This same board is used in all three of the VIP amplifiers from Peavey.  The other control boards connect to the DSP board through ribbon cables or in the case of the volume control with a wire connector.

Please read the blog on this web site before thinking about removing the DSP card from the amplifier, even if you have disassembled Vypyrs previously.  The connectors on the VIPs are a bit different and require some additional care.

The next most interesting board is the decoder board. VIP1Decoder1

This board is quite difficult to remove. I needed a very small right angle Phillips head screwdriver and a set of forsceps to get it oyt. Reassembly is quite challenging.


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  1. Scott

    If the same board is used in all the VIP Models how hard would it be to upgrade a 1 to a VIP-2?

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