May 22

Carla Ulbrich – Joe’s Ex-Girlfriend

“Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends” – Carla Ulbrich

I’m not sure if Carla Ulbrich should be classified as a comedian first and a musician second or the other way around. Her songs are relevant to the ironies of modern life and give a pause to stop and look at what kind of a mess we make of ourselves. This tune reminded me of just how difficult it is for a guy like me to understand what is going on in a girlfriend’s mind. Yes, all women are crazy, but some are crazier than others.

Her new CD “Totally Average Woman” is just what you want to put on when you start questioning the sanity of your better half.

Upcoming Concert Window Concert scheduled for April 19th, 2016 (Check Concert Window site for time).
Genre: Pop musical parody/comedy

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