Mar 27

Grandfather Project progress report

Last summer I began researching just how many grandfathers ( born or migrated to the United States) my grandson Xander has.  I knew going into this project that there were a lot of them and that our family lines reach way back.  I was amazed at how many I found and how far back I ended up.  We had ancestors at Plymouth -Pierce, Holbrook, Case, Whitney, Low.  We had ancestors at Jamestown –Loving and Pace.  We had ancestors at  Concord with the minutemen –Whitney.  We had ancestors who served in the Continental  Army- Palmer.  We had southern ancestors who owned plantations and yes slaves- Gentry- he even ventured out with Daniel Boone into the western wilderness of todays Virginia and Tennessee.     To date I have written a small biography of over 60 of Xander’s grandfathers!!

I have split this project into era’s.  My next group will take me into the newly fledged United States and start tracking the western movement.    I am excited to start the work on the next step as I have a lot of biographies, letters and other documentation to draw from for many of the names that are upcoming.  

I have taken more than 20 college history classes but I am still surprised at the fact that a lot of the stuff I am writing is off the top of my head.   Well I guess it must have sunk in a bit. 

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