Feb 20

My Grandpa Project

pciture of cecil nelson

Cecil Nelson

The last few months I have been collecting the names of and attempting to find some documentation and information on all of Xander and his up coming siblings American Grandfathers.  It is an amazing journey.  I have been able to find the names and in a couple of cases the biography of Grandfathers as far back as Plymouth Colonies and Jamestown.  To date I have indentified and written a small biography on over 45 grandfathers and I am just beginning to start on those in American during the Revolutionary War.    I anticipate the scope of this project to grow as I get into more modern times.   My hope with this is that Gwen’s kids won’t say “I think I had a grandfather in Jamestown” but “I know I had a gradfather in Jamestown.”  Hae thats way cool before I started this project I did’nt know I had a Grandfather in Jamestown.

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