Jan 01

Telephone Epiphany


So things in the world have changed while I was sleeping.  It seems that I have always assumed that the old copper pair telephone was just one of those things in life that would never go away.  With a significant number of American households moving from copper to smart phones it is probably time for us to give the change a try.

I got my first Blackberry as a tool from my employer about eight years ago.  It was intended as a tool to expedite help-desk problems by forwarding problem tickets directly to support people.  It was real cool that I could get an email directly with this thing without having to get my computer on the network.  The funny thing is that I had absolutely no idea that it had a cell phone for almost two years.  I was more than a little surprised when I got a call on it from the IT Director.  The audio quality and the coverage for this earlier device just sucked hind-teat, and left me with a pretty negative impression of Blackberries as phones.  The wonderful thing about technology however is that it keeps getting better.

We started the experiment this week.  Service switched from the land-line to a couple of blackberry phones.  I’m sure that there is going to be a bit of a learning curve on this, but I think we have survived more dramatic changes.

UPDATE: 1/15/2014

Well. it has been a while since we started this experiment.  Over the course of a couple of years we decided that the Blackberry phones were just pieces of S#!T.  Cindy changed over to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have since upgraded to a Galaxy S4.

Cindy’s experience even with the new phone is less than acceptable.  Her phone does way more than she can figure out, and it seems to be a constant battle trying to find it.

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