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Vypyr Updater and Firmware

Modified Vypyr 15

Vypyr Firmware and Loaders

This page is a collection of software for Peavey Vypyr series 1 amplifiers gathered from various sources. Your first choice when looking for software to update your Vypyr should always be the Peavey support site. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the various test and older releases of their firmware. This page is intended to act as a central repository for these other releases that may not be easily accessible directly from Peavey.

This page is for Vypyr Series 1 amplifiers only. Do not use the software on this page for Vypyr VIP amplifiers

The VIP software is on THE VIP POST post.

You can download the Vypyr updater program and the various versions of the firmware from this page.

Click HERE to review Garrett’s Vypyr Firmware History.  Note that 1.59 is the newest (newer than 1.65, 1.66, and 1.70) release and is the current supported production firmware from Peavey.

A copy of the peavey updater instructions can be found HERE
Mac/OS10 information pending

Windows Updater Software

Vypyr Updater Version 2.61 Download
Vypyr Updater Version 2.25 Download
Vypyr Updater Download

Firmware Downloads

Vypyr Firmware Version 1.39 Download1.39 was an encryption code, not a firmware update. It was only required to get from 1.02 to the later updates, not needed otherwise. You don’t need 1.39 at all if you are using the latest version of the updater, as it is already built in.
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.53 Download
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.54 Download
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.55 Download
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.58 Download
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.59 Download (current production)
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.65 Download
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.66 Download
Vypyr Firmware Version 1.70 Download


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  1. Steven

    Just bought used vypyv 100 series 1 that is “broken” (update fail)
    I would be grateful if you can send me a firmware binary file.
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. Pavel

    I am trying to patch VYPYR 120 Head, neither of updaters can see the VYPYR as output MIDI interface.
    I am using Windows 10 and I see VYPYR USD interface in Settings/Sound/Recording but the updaters don’t see it.
    Is there anything else I could do to make it happening?
    Thank you!

  3. Emanuele

    Hello Glen,
    as you told me on your Youtube channel, here my email address: [REDACTED]. Could you send me a copy of firmware to flash? Thank you very much, Emanuele

  4. Emanuele

    Hello, I need to reflash the rom in a Peavey Vyper 30 (with Arduino method) due to I think it lost the firmware after power supply repair. Where can I get the flashrom version of the firmware? Let me know, Thank you very much, Emanuele.

  5. Doc Watson

    Just wanted to say thanks for the resource provided here. Repaired a VYPYR 60 watt 6L6 using some of your resources.


    1. Bad Cat model is nice.
    2. 12AX7 in PI has a lot of effect on tone. A lot–and I’m not a tube roller.
    3. Noise reduction is not friendly (maybe not any good–or I just haven’t figured it out).
    4. Needs an effects loop badly.
    5. Firmware update NEEDS to be Mac friendly-or maybe I’m missing something. Which is still not very friendly.
    6. An Eminence attenuator speaker might be a good fit.
    7. As with any Peavey–at the first sign of trouble clean all jacks with DeOxit. *Don’t miss the aux in*. Your amp will go absolutely microphonic everywhere if that doesn’t close right.
    8. Need the big Sanpera to make this one viable for me.

    To end on a positive note:

    9. I like the envelope follower / autowah on this one a lot.

    That’s just my $.02. YMMV.



  6. Jimmy Rose

    I have tried numerous time to update T60 from 1.55. to 1.59 (and others). The process seems to finish and says that your amp should have rebooted, but it doesn’t. No reboot. I reboot manually, and it still says 1.55. Does anyone have suggestions? I’ve gone through a dozen times with different versions of the updates, and different firmware versions.


    ps, I’ve done numerous updates on other models of the Vypyr amps with no problems.

  7. Problem I have is the unit keep loosing the patches I created. I updated it won’t update to 1.59 current firmware is 1.58 I don’t have the footswitch everytime i changed patched it keep loosing what i program…anyone knows how to solve this problem? I have the Vypyr 75…

  8. In the past I have had a few failed firmware upgrades on multiple Vypyrs I own. One I definitely jumped the gun on completion. The others are unclear.

    When the upgrade failed, I tried to reload the current version. This would seem to work according to the updater, but I still had an inoperable amp.

    My guess was that reloading the current version did not actually reload a fresh copy of the current version, likely because the amp already thought it had that version installed, even though it really had a mish-mash of partial code and didn’t work.

    So I tried loading a version earlier than I had on the amp. This worked. Then I upgraded from that to what had been my current version. That worked. Back to square one, but a fully operational square one.

    One case:

    I had a Vypyr 30 at 1.5.5. I was trying to upgrade to 1.5.9. That failed. Trying to reload 1.5.5 appeared to work, but amp still didn’t. I loaded 1.5.3. That was successful. I had a working amp. I upgraded to 1.5.5. That worked. I was back where I started with a working amp.

    I did successfully upgrade all of them. But this approach got me out of having a number of door stops.

    Obviously, the MIDI port was operational at all times. So I guess there are a number of levels of ‘brickedness’, but if the updater will talk to the amp, this is an approach to try when the amp won’t work.

    Peace, William

  9. Just succeeded to clone the firmware chip from a Vypyr15 to a bricked Vypyr75, using a Batronix BX40 chip programmer.
    Some soldering was needed:)
    Used new memory chip from:

    Send a mail to henrik@thuvander.net of you need the binary file to do this. The firmware was 1.5.8.

    1. I didn’t see this post since today and I already bought a used vypyr 15 to clone.

      Yesterday, I was able to clone the firmware in circuit (no soldering) using a clip connector, an arduino uno programmed with serprog-duino, flashrom and ubuntu. I flashed it in circuit on the bricked Vypyr 75 successfully. Now I have an extra amp. If I only saw your post before. I have been to this site a couple of times since your post date but didn’t bother to read the comments.

      Email me at sbteves@gmail.com for details or binary file 1.58.

  10. michael walker

    Does this mean that 1.59 will work with the Libraian Software also? and why do you not have that assailable just wondering..

    1. Glen

      I’m not a Peavey insider, so I don’t have an exact knowledge of what is in each release. My opinion is that the whole Librarian effort was a great idea that ran into problems with the hardware. It seems that Peavey could make the USB work as either an audio interface or as a computer (i.e., Librarian) interface but not both. So it seems that you can have firmware that works with the Librarian but not USB recording or USB recording and no librarian. In fact, it seems that they realize that the Librarian was a good idea gone evil and are wishing that it would go away. Unfortunately, they did this with the Librarian code half baked (less than functional).

      I believe that the only firmware that (sortof) worked with the Librarian were v1.65 and V1.7. Please note that the firmware release numbers are notnecissarily sequential.

  11. GH

    MIDI communication problems in v 1.65

    My vypyr 75w came with v 1.55. And I have used roland fc-300
    midi foot-controller without any problems on it.
    After updating to v 1.65 the response to pressing pedals
    became very slow, wah-pedal only made some strange noise,
    and pitch-shifter played scale instead of linear bending
    of tone…
    Don’t know if these problems will affect sanpera pedals,
    but a lot of people have reported slow response with them.
    I then updated to latest official v 1.59 and pedal functions
    went back to normal again.

  12. GH

    Peavey have just released a new official firmware version 1.59
    No info on what it adds or fixes…

    1.65 Has bi-directional USB support to read and write presets
    for Librarian software (and is newer than 1.66).
    1.66 Fixed the pitch-shifter and adjusted the looper volume.
    1.70 Has a bad reputation on the Peavey forums…

    To determine installed firmware version:
    Power off, hold down preset buttons 1 and 4 during power-up.
    Upper left LED = 0. So Bypass/B-Kat/Reverse LEDs = 1.55

    1. Glen

      Humm. This (firmware 1.59) loaded up OK and seems to be a functional release. One thing that I am noticing right off of the bat is that it does get rid of the chirp sound when using the USB as a recording interface. The USB recording also seems to be a lot more dependable (although there are still issues with the levels and the supported bit/sample rates). Unfortunately, it seems that the functionality to use the USB as a bidirectional update port (for the Libriarian) is not in the code. Could it be that the hardware can’t support both recording and MIDI functionality?

  13. security

    Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

  14. Jim Nieberding

    Hey there!

    I just attempted to update my Vypyr 30 with the 1.55 syx from peavey.com and now my amp doesn’t work. The lights come on as expected, but no sound. Additionally, it’s not communicating via midi anymore either. 🙁 Have you ever heard of this problem? Is my amp hosed? Thanks!

    1. Glen


      There is a relatively high failure rate when patching Vypyrs. This is generally caused by:

      1) Not reading the updater instructions thoroughly and stopping part way through the process


      2) A marginal MIDI interface (read $5.00 Chineese unit off of eBay) dropping data part way through the update process.

      Both of these are usually recoverable if you follow the updater instructions (oops – forgot about item 1) and don’t reboot until things are really through. Did you panic and reboot the amp before the updater programmer told you to (like it may have been hung up)?

      I’m not sure what you mean by your “lights come on as expected.” Usually when the firmware is hosed you don’t get that much. If you power up without a plug in the input does your Vypyr put on the light show? Is the TAP TEMPO light blinking? You may want to try the test mode.

      1) Enter test mode by holding in the EFFECT decoder on power-up
      2) Test the LED sweep by pressing the TAP TEMPO button.
      3)Test the MIDI by pressing AMP encoder with Sanpera inserted into MIDI.
      4) Test Encoders by turning knobs and verifying that lights follow movement.
      5) Press preset buttons 1 and 4 to engage the analog stages and zero DAC.

      Your amp may be hosed. Let me know how the tests work for you.

      1. Jon Armke

        I’m not the original poster, but I’m having a similar issue. My test mode works, but the LEDs either get stuck on one of the amp lights, or the mid dial. I’m using the USB-to-MIDI 5-pin cable I got from RedOctane to calibrate my Guitar Hero drum set. I’ve tried several different firmwares several times, and Peavey customer service wasn’t terribly clear on how I should proceed other than to contact a local service center. HELP!

      2. Hi Glenn, I am having a similar issue as the user above. When powering up the amp without an input, I get the light show as expected, with a dim light on the tap tempo button.

        Doing the test, the LED sweep performed satisfactorily, but plugging in the Sanpera I and pressing the amp encoder doesn’t seem to change anything (the “1” on the Sanpera is lit the second the amp starts, and continues to be lit when pressing the amp encoder). Moving all encoders works as expected. Is this just a MIDI issue? I’m also not sure what step 5 is supposed to actually do.

        I’d really appreciate any advice you could offer, as I’m out of options and really scared I just bricked my loved Vypyr 30!

        1. admin

          This really sounds like an issue with the MIDI port. Does the amp work OK without the Sampera?

          1. As of now the amp does not work at all. No output whatsoever, besides a background hum.

          2. It appears the update failed. When I boot the amp normally with a cable plugged in, I only get one red light lit next to the 6505 amp setting. No encoders will change, the amp doesn’t produce any noise (though seems on, I can hear some background noise), and no button or footswitch press will make any change. If I start it with no input, the light show works, but once I plug a cable in, three green lights turn on– on the effects dial’s “bypass”; on the mid- and high- dials, the LED in the 12 o’clock position is lit up. Again, no output besides that idling background hum.

            I’m totally at a loss. Really worried I’m gonna have to pay to repair this amp, which at this point I’m definitely not convinced I will bother with since I’ve already had to repair multiple parts of it myself…

            Any advice would be much appreciated.

          3. admin

            That it will run the lightshow is a good indicator that the board isn’t completely wacked. I would try resetting to factory defaults. If that does not work it might be worth trying to download the firmware again, being very patient and letting things run to completion and carefully following the instructions:)

          4. I’ve performed the factory reset and tried using the USB ports directly on the motherboard. Update 2.61 (the latest). Using the newest update, I get a message that says I should have the latest and the amp should restart. I’ve also tried the 2.25 version, which is funkier, and hangs right at the end. Even in that case, I’ve let it do it’s thing, and it usually opens another instance of the updater. Not sure what that means… lol. But unfortunately, nothing as of yet. I’m convinced the MIDI communication is shot, guess I’ll have to call Peavey tomorrow during lunch. They haven’t returned my voicemail or email as of yet. :/ . Thanks for the suggestions though! I will stay strong for now! Next I’m gonna roll back to an older version of the driver for the Maudio UNO cable I’m using.

  15. Daniel Lackey

    Thanks for hosting this software. Peavey’s collection, when you can find it, is not organized very well nor as complete.

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