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Vypyr Schematics Collection

Vypyr DSP Board

Vypyr DSP Board

This page contains links to my collection of Vypyr schematics, photographs, and illustrations.  Please leave a comment if you find these useful.


If you have any pictures if the inside chassis of any of the Vypyr amps that I don’t have here please send a copy to Vypyr Schematics. Also, any missing schematics would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking for the Sanpera I schematic in particular, but a lot of the tube Vypyr schematics are missing from this collection as well. Recently added the schematics for the VIP 2 amplifier. There are some interesting similarities and some surprising differences between the classic Vypyr and the VIP designs. It is pretty obvious that Peavey applies some good process improvement in their design group.

Thanks go to WashburnTabu on the Peavy Vypyr Forum for collecting most of these.

Generic Vypyr Boards
Vypyr 30 Specific Power Supply -Amplifier Schematic
Vypyr 60 Specific
Vypyr 75 Specific
Vypyr 120 Specific
Sanpera Controllers

Vypyr VIP Schematics

Generic Vypyr VIP Boards
Vypyr VIP 2 Specific
Vypyr 100 Pro Specific


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  1. Glen, You did a great job, I wanted to know if there is a way to add effects loop in this amp just after the AMP channel….so that we can put in Noise gate(that is just after the Amp’s drive), EQs, different analog effects…..followed by the amp’s inbuilt reverb and delay and then the output.

    Since you have studied the schematics it would be easy for you to state…just a little push in my direction of thought would be enough. Thank you, 😀 😀

    P.S.:Mine is Peavey Vypyr 30

    1. admin

      There is an effects loop mod that you should be able to find in the Peavey forum. This sits between the final DSP altered output and the power amplifier. Not quite what you are asking about, but it is about as close as you can get with DSP modeling I’m afraid.


      1. Thanks a Lot glen 😀

  2. dougmtx


    Thanks for all the information!

    I don’t know if this will help you or not but I’m looking at the main board from a silver Sanpera 1 and it has the same part number as the Sanpera 2 in your schematic.
    If it would be of any help I’ll compare and let you know what parts are not loaded on the 1.

    The reason I came across your site is that this Sanpera 1 (again an older silver one) does not light up with my daughters brand new VIP 3. Do you know if the older Sanperas are compatible with the new VIP’s.

    Again thanks for the info!

    1. Glen

      The Sanpera’s are all supposed to be compatible with the VIP amplifiers. You aren’t getting any lights on the Sanpera? I have had problems where the MIDI cable

      1) did not plug in all the way because the chasis on the amp interfered with the plug edges
      2) plugged in upside down (bending pins). The socket is ‘upside down’ on the Sanpera
      3) plugged in one pin sideways.

      Also, if you are not using a Peavey supplied cable you may want to check that all eight pins (and the shield) are connected through. Some eight pin cables are only wired for seven pins.

  3. slied

    Do you know which screws take the 75w chassis out? Would be much help if you coukd clarify here thank you!

    1. Glen

      There are four screws on the top of the amplifier. These are on the metal strips. These are long screws and must be completely removed to take the chassis out. No need to unscrew the handle. Then, on the back of the amplifier there are two screws holding the back of the chassis up.

  4. ClassicGuitarUser

    I have another problem
    One time im turn on my vypyr 30 but… Sanpera doesn`t work. It`s realy dead all is turned off (leds, pedal doesn`t work). I`ve tried to check cable but aslo with connection with midi slot signal passed but all is dead. Where is the problem?

  5. stiff


    Looking for some help with a VYPYR 30 amp, owner has been using aux out and headphones jack to run through computer

    we now have no output from the power amp (headphones good) power amp seems to be working, but no audio signal getting to the board struggling to find where iam loosing the signal

    noticed U3 running hot 5V supply is this normal

    1. admin

      This seems to be an all too common problem. The headphone jack ‘switch’ is way under engineered and breaks with the slightest abuse. It is fairly easily replaced (and inexpensive from Peavey parts). A better solution would be to wire in a proper 1/4″ switched jack on the back of the chassis.

      1. stiff

        will try that but headphone socket works when headphones are plugged in, i take the headphone jack disconnects the input to the power amp was not clear to me maybe need to print the schematics out on A3 LOL

        gonna contact peavey hopefully they will have a stockist in the uk

      2. ClassicGuitarUser

        Hi. I have another problem
        One time im turn on my vypyr 30 but,, Sanpera doesnt work. Is realy dead all is tufned off (leds, pedal doesn`t work). I`ve tried to check cable but aso wit connection with midi slot signal going but all is dead. Where is the broblem?

  6. soad1789

    Hi, I posted in the updater blog about my amp. I’m 99% convinced now that the issue is the MIDI board. I’m not thrilled with the idea of sending in the control chassis to Peavey to fix it, since I think it’ll cost too much (shipping + parts + $55/hr). Do you think I could just replace that board to restore MIDI communication? Is there any other test I could perform to ensure it’s just that board and not the DSP board? Encoders work in test mode…

    Thanks for any advice you may have.

    1. admin

      The USB board is pretty inexpensivw and real easy ro replace.

      1. soad1789

        I assume you mean the MIDI board. I will call them for pricing and info, thanks!

  7. Reuben

    hey nice website
    I need to replace the resistor on the midi board ” R2 ” It should be 1.1 K ohms instead of 2.2K ohms. Part # 30200175
    would it be an easy fix?
    if so would it also be an easy part to purchase on a local hardware/electrical store?
    or does it has to be through peavey?
    i mean it only costs .49 cents through peavey but i would love to have it asap instead of waiting to get it shipped


  8. Larry Braniff

    Do you have a photo of the 30 Watt Vypyr?

  9. Larry Braniff

    I have been looking through these schematics and I am curious is there a diagram from the foot switch board P1 to the 8 pin midi plug.

    1. Glen

      Not sure specifically what you are looking for, but there are four of them on the main borad in the Sanpera II schematic. P1 doesn’t go to the MIDI port. It goes to the Sanpera board which then connects to the MIDI port.

      1. Larry Braniff

        What I am trying to find out is if it possible to run a basic foot switch through the midi port or does it have to be the Sanpera. I saw a video where a guy build a home made foot switch that he ended up having to solder to the back of board where the controls are located. It worked great but would rather see if it would possible to go through the midi connector like the Sanpera.

      2. Larry Braniff

        I was referring to p1 in the Sanpera I switch/led schematic. Where does that go.

        1. Glen

          Larry – The MIDI port is a MIDI port – not just a switched line. If you want to switch your Vypyr you need to use the MIDI protocol. There are a couple of other MIDI options other than the Sanpera, but there is no way to use a simple foot switch for this.

          P1 goes to an 74HC165 on the mother board that is read by an CY8C27443 which converts the action to MIDI CC commands and sends them to the Vypyr using the MIDI serial protocol.

          1. Larry Braniff

            Thanks Glen, I figured that I havent studied or used the midi protocol to understand it so my best method would just buy one.

            Thanks for time I appreciated it very much

  10. Steve Rutkowski

    Glen.. While looking through your pages I came across the ‘Pimp Your Vypyr’ link. This looked pretty interesting since I own a Vypyr 15. Unfortunately, the page it takes me to, drieg.com, is flagged as harmful by my Firefox browser. Could you verify that this is a non-harmful page? Or perhaps notify the page owner of the problem?

    Also, I’m going to be taking a closer look at your Virtual Vypyr program later today (gotta take my grandson fishing this morning). I’m a retired programmer with 31 years of computer graphics experience. Maybe I can put my experience to good use.

    1. Glen

      Thanks for the heads up. I checked the site and also found that it appears to have been hacked. I have removed the links from this site and posted what I hope are appropriate warnings. Petr is a straight up guy so I’m sure that wasn’t anything that he did intentionally.

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