May 04

WT’s PA Mute Modification for Vypyrs

Image showing ribbon cable splices
Image showing ribbon cable splices

The Mod:

This will void the warranty and requires a little knowledge on rewiring/soldering. I looked at the schematic for the head phone pcb and saw that a contact (TS pull up) inside the switch was connected to the left headphone out contact when no plug was inserted. Plugging in opens the contacts and tells the dsp to mute the power amp output. I found pin #1 (PA mute) on the headphone pcb and traced it to the #1 wire in the ribbon cable (red stripe). In the middle I separated the #1 wire from the others and cut it. I stripped a little insulation off both ends and put a little solder on each end (tinning). Bought a small $3 on/off toggle switch from Home despot, drilled a hole (3/8″) in the back of the metal cabinet. Toggle switch was 3/8″ and I used a round file to widen the hole just enough to get the switch in. The switch came with two wires already connected, I mounted it in the new hole. The switch wires were to short so I soldered some extension wires, the green #1 and the blue #5. I ran one wire to the #1 ribbon cable wire and made sure both ends of the #1 wire were soldered together with the new wire (green).


1) When the switch is off everything is normal, that is the PA mute is shorted to the left headphone out. Plugging in headphones will open this connection and mute the speaker (Power Amp mute).

2) When the switch is on the #1 wire’s short to the left headphone out is maintained by the new switch wires and the dsp thinks there are no headphones plugged in. The output goes to the headphones and the power amp too. This way I don’t hear the latency in the trial revalver software. My Mac (1ghz G4 lamp post circa 2002) is real old and can barely run revalver. Garage Band 4 runs real good though. This will also work with all the vypyr models as they use the same headphone pcb. Maybe Peavey will add this to future vypyrs.

Toggle Switch Mounting Image 1

Toggle Switch Mounting Image 1

Toggle Switch Mounting Image 2

Toggle Switch Mounting Image 2

The extra wiring you see are some other mods I have made. The multi-colored wiring is for he stomp box enabling mod, there’s an extension cab jack, I haven’t mounted the midi pcb and have left it sitting on top of the amp under the handle, and of course the PA mute toggle switch.

This Mod was originally posetd by WashburnTabu on the Peavy Vypyr forum.


  1. Liz

    works great saved me 70 bucks, thanks

  2. Thanks for posting this collection of Vypyr mods.

    I notice a custom foot switch jack in the bottom image, what’s going on there? do you have a mod for enable/disabling stompboxes and such with a custom footswitch (non-midi I presume)?

    I’m adding a remote foot switch to my Vypyr for RED/GREEN Amp channel switching, I’d love to add enable/disable of stompbox or effect if anyone has the know-how for that.

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