May 13

Be Careful Reassembling Vypyr 75s

Proper Speaker Wire Routing
Proper Speaker Wire Routing

I recently bought a second-hand nonfunctional Vypyr 75 to use as the test platform for my Vypyr Patch Manager project. One of the problems with this amp was that the Power Supply/Amplifier Board has lost all of its blue smoke.  Looking over the board, it seems that the speaker wires had been routed between the big electrolitic capacitors on the power board.  At some point in time, the speaker wires had been pulled hard enough (probably just in detaching the wires from the speaker) that they had forced the capacitors to splay out, tearing the bottoms off of the capacitors and causing damage to the board.  The first picture here shows how these wires should be routed.  The picture below shows the capacitors splayed out with the speaker wire lying where it caused the problem.

Bad Speaker Wiring
Bad Speaker Wiring

You can see in the picture how the wire was forced down between the capacitors.  When this happenes it pushes the capacitors sideways with a lot more force than would be obvious while just trying to get the wires to the speaker.

Check the routing when you reassemble your chassis.  Make sure that pulling on the speaker wires won’t kill your power supply.

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