May 13

Chasing Down a Vypyr 75 USB Noise Problem

I get a strange sound out of my Vypyr 75 speakers whenever I plug the USB cable from my computer into the USB port on the amplifier.  I had seen this complaint several times on the Peavey Forum.  Therefore, I was disappointed, but not supprised when I plugged the USB in on my test Vypyr 75 and got the following sound out of the speaker.

[wpaudio url=”http://zorkmids.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/VypyrClick.mp3″ text=”USB Click Sound” ]

This Vypyr 75 is a project box, so I’m not in a great hurry to get it up and running for any particular purpose.  My first shot at addressing the noise came from a 2008 Peavey Technical Bulletin that directed technicians to check for the existence of a capacitor C-12 on the USB boards of Vypyr 75s and to remove it if it was in place.

USB Board showing location of C12

USB Board showing location of C12

Tearing the amp down and checking the USB board, it was no such luck.  I guess my next step will be to order a new USB board from Peavay (they are only about 30 bucks) to see if this can address the problem.  The picture to the left shows the top view of the USB board with the position where C-12 would go if there were one.

More to come later after I replace the USB board with a new one.



I have not replaced the USB card, but I did apply firmware version 1.59.  This firmware release makes the sound go away.  Obviously this is a problem related to the software and possibly not the hardware at all.  The down side to all of this is that the 1.59 version of the firmware does not support the bi-directional USB communication needed to use the Peavey Librarian program to manage patches.


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  1. Alex

    Hello! how can i order a new usb board? i have an registered Vypyr 15 without usb board. I would like to mod it to get that feature.

    1. Glen

      Alex – you can order the USB board directly from Peavey. Email parts@peavey.com to order.

      USB 32200281 $28.31 retail, in stock

      You will also need a DIP header and the ability to solder it into the DSP board. and a ribbon cable.

  2. Asvt

    I don’t understand what I can do. I have the vypyr 75W.

    Downgrade the firmware will (1.70->1.59) is perhaps the solution but the Sanpera 2 don’t work with 1.59 (problem of the volume when looping).

    Peavey don’t correct this bug ??

    1. Glen

      Peavey does not acknowledge that there is a problem with the looper volume.

  3. tootheCrity

    Very similar.

  4. cardaddy

    Hello! My mate has recommended me to have a look at your site. And I’d like to say that I really like what you’re posting here.

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