May 14

Virtual Vypyr Project

Vypyr Patch Manager

Keeping track of all of the possible settings and configurations on a Vypyr amplifier can be a bit of a challenge. The purpose of this project is to develop a program to provide a convenient utility for storing, modifying, cataloging, and sharing these settings with other Vypyr owners. Additional planned functionality provides for downloading these settings to the amplifier using its built-in MIDI interface.

Peavey has developed a Librarian program to help Vypyr owners manage patches and settings.  Unfortunately, it only supports Vypyrs with USB interfaces and at specific firmware levels.  The objective of this patch manager is to provide a tool for all Vypyr users – even if the settings need to be manually entered directly on the Vypyr.  The main interface design is to update the amplifier through the MIDI interface, but to also provide a realistic display that can be easily copied from a computer screen to the knobs on the amplifier as well.  The Windows Executable can be downloaded HERE.

This project is currently in a prototype/team building phase.  Programmers are needed to pick up different parts of the program and sort out the code and functionality.  Also needed are a couple of people with computer graphics artistic skills to provide a nice looking interface (knobs, buttons, etc).  The work is being written in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express on Windows 7.  This is a development environment that can be downloaded from Microsoft free of charge.  This is a non-commercial, freeware project, so there is no expectation of financial gain from participating.  Just the satisfaction of developing a utility that will make life easier for other people with Vypyr amplifiers.

If you are a programmer or have computer graphics skills, please check out the project page and sign up to help.  The project web site is Virtual Vypyr.  Please post any questions you may have on how to participate on this blog page.



  1. Glen


    What operating system are you running? It may be that I didn’t get all of the libraries included. This is a .NET 4.0 application so it needs to have a pretty current set of updates from Microsoft to run.

  2. Hans

    Hello Glen, I try to install your patch manager but unfortunately I always get an error message after installation “Can’t start application” Any idea what went wrong?

    Thank you

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