Sep 20

So much undiscovered talent

Murphy, Ans, and Schafer

I know that I suck as a musician, but I do work on improving my skills and trying to improve my technique. One of the places that this takes me to regularly is music forums on the internet. I spend a lot of time listening to music posted on various forums. The one thing that I’m always so impressed with is just how much incredible talent there is out there.

A real gem that I ran across last February is a tune called Tangled Chains by some guys from the Detroit area. Give the song a listen:

Somehow, Somewhere, when business realizes that the traditional music production and promotion schema that has made things work for the past hundred years is incredibly broken and comes up with a new approach, I hope that it includes a way for talent like these guys to get properly recognized.

A few real cool places to listen to new (like still being produced) music are:
KVR – Music by KVR Members
Cakewalk Songs Forum
Sound Cloud – listen and give the performers some feedback
Home Recording MP3 Clinic

The musicians on most of these sites are looking for people to critically listen to what they are producing and to get some constructive feedback on what they can do to improve.

If you are interested in listening to somethingreallynew, give the web sites above a listen. You might discover something that you really like!

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