Oct 01

Simply Great Guitar Music

Daryl Crowley

If you would like to just sit back and listen to some exceptional – laid back guitar playing, give Daryl Crowley a listen.  His sounds are clean and relaxing with a unique texture that just melts like warm butter.  I stumbled across his songs on the Cakewalk Songs forum.  Particularly pleasing are his A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square and the truely unique sounding Snake Eyes




This is guitar playing that Les Paul would enjoy sitting back and listening to. Great playing, great tunes, wonderful tones. Perfect for sipping a brandy with on a chilly fall evening. Give his stuff a lieten. You can’t help but love it.


His cover of “The Galaxy Song” Is a real gem.  A complete course in cosmology in 3:05.  This is a piece that helps me to remember that where ever you go, there you are.

Update Dec 2012 – Daryl has a new CD out and a new web page for his music!! Give a look at Daryl’s Web Site, listen to his tunes, and (assuming that you like his style as much as I do) buy a CD from him. You have to support start-up artists and the quickest way is to buy their products!

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