Feb 21

GoDaddy Hosting – Setting up this site

Glen Colbert

Glen Colbert

This is a quick blog about setting up this web site.  This has been a very interesting experience that has been a lot less painful than I expected it to be.  This has been an incredibly low pain (note that I didn’t say painless) effort.  I have been so impressed by the provisioning support that GoDaddy has in place that I felt compelled to include an advertisement for them at the top of all of my blog pages.  If GoDaddy is half as good as a support organization as it is as an implementation organization I will be one happy customer.

I was going to set-up my account over the internet at their regular web site.  However, they were having a special at the time if I registered over the phone.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get the support representative’s name because he should get recognition for being very courtious, knowledgable, helpful, and in no way condescending.  He helped my pick the package that I really needed (instead of what I thought I might need) by pointing out the differences between what and how I could provision my site using a Linux server as opposed to a Windows server.  His questions in helping me get to my decision were carefully thought out and he was clearly listening to what I was saying (not just working from a rehersed script).

Within an hout I had access to a bare bones server, all of the accounts needed to configure it, and a user help system that clear and easy to follow.  A couple of clicks and I had a server with wordpress installed the way that I wanted it, templates loaded and functioning, and access to an arsenal of add-ons and enhancements.  Getting the MySQL configuration set to work with the application was (no jest) a no-brainer. 

I’m not a technical light-weight and have done a lot of web server configuration over the years.  I fully expected to spend a month or so getting things configured and running the way that I wanted them to be.  With the GoDaddy provisioning setup I’m further along after three days than I expected to be after a month.


I’m still favorably impressed.  The tools that GoDaddy has set up for supporting a WordPress blog in their hosting environment is very easy to use and mantain.  Upgrades, plugins, widgets are all working exceptionally.

I’m impressed.  If you are looking for s site to host a web site I strongly recommend taking a serious look at GoDaddy, particularly their Delux 4GH hosting package.. 

Glen Colbert

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