Jan 01

Prarie Breeze- More Great Internet Talent

The song that I listened to most this Holiday Season was a little piece by Prarie Breeze called “When You Need a Friend”  This composition is by Janet Wohlgemut with collaborating artists Ed Cocol, Rik Frieling, and Danny Danzi.  You may need to scroll down a bit on Janet’s list to get to it.  Don’t be afraid to listen in to some of the other work that she has put out there on the way down.  You’ll probably like it.

When you listen to Janet playing piano you can just hear her love of the music in each expression.  That comes through on all of her performances, but the total picture on “When You Need a Friend” was just such a positive, warm, friendly thing that it made December more about being warm by a fire than the cold dreary days of the year.  Need something to pick your spirits up?  Give it a listen.


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