Jun 19

Most Enjoyable Concert in Memory

Dave Nachmanoff Performance at JamminJava Can’t Be Beat

I like going to concerts.  Cindy and I try to get out at least once per month to enjoy great performers doing magic with music that we really enjoy.  I think we’ve seen some of the best bands at some of the greatest venues (from concert halls to Red Rocks).  There is just something about a live performance when the artists are on-target that is just an incredible experience.

A guitar player that Cindy and I both just love to listen to, as well as watch perform is a guy from Davis California (transplanted from Northern Virginia) named Dave Nachmanoff.  We were first introduced to Dave’s guitar style at an Al Stewart concert at Rams Head where Dave was the backup guitarist/vocalist for Al.  His style and sound are just too inspirational for someone like me who has been trying to learn guitar for years.

So Dave decides to put on a local performance for friends and family in the D.C. area on Fathers Day.  It doesn’t matter that Cin and I have been traveling for most of the past month and a half and a quiet night at home would be real nice – Dave is playing in the area so it is off for a drive on the beltway that I wouldn’t do to see anyone (well almost). The venue is a small bar/stage setup in a strip mall in Vienna, Virginia.  There are probably 200 seats for the stage area.

Now it may be that the audience was composed mostly of Dave’s life-long friends and family, or it might be that he was on his home turf and just had a magic night, but I think that this was quite possibly the best performance that I have ever sat through (sorry Pink Floyd).  He really brought the crowd into the music and made the evening special.  His sets were tight and flowed perfectly from song to song.  This couldn’t have been done any better with an army of choreographers and producers.

Take the time to check out Dave’s web site for appearances in your area (or even consider scheduling a home concert).  This is a special performer and well worth going out of your way to catch one of his shows.

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  1. Cindy

    For the record, all of Dave’s performances are that special–and definitely worth driving through crazy traffic to get to, as I have done more than once. 🙂

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