Feb 22

One if by land, and two if by sea

Minureman Photo

Minuteman Statue in Lexington

So Cindy was nearly through with the outline for the Revolutionary War era grandfathers when she ran into a bit of a snag.  Her original intention was not to go into a great deal of specific details.  After all, the Revolutionary War covers a period of over eight years and giving it a proper coverage would entail writing a couple of books.  An abbreviated outline of the war seemed to be about the correct scope.

Today she discovered that at least two of Xander’s Grandfathers were not only Revolutionary War Veterans from Massachusets, but were actually Minutemen who fought in the battle of Bunkers (Breeds) Hill.  One of them died in this first significant battle for American independance.   All American school children are told about this battle made famous by the Wadsworth poem “The Ride of Paul Revere.”

This is becoming an unbelievable project.  It seems that Xander has Grandfathers who were:

  1.  In the original Jamestown settlement with John Smith
  2. Fought in the first battles against the Indians (King Phillips War)
  3. Were with Miles Standish and the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock
  4. Fought in the Revolutionary War with Paul Revere
  5. Fought with Col Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans
  6. Rode in the Pony Express with Bill Cody

I have a sneaking feeling that she is also going to encounter Grandpas who were involved in the 14th state to Join the United States (the State of Franklin) and Daniel Boon’s western expansion into Tennessee.  This is another complete story on its own that will be a monkey wrench in the outline.

Tangentally, it turns out that he is related (far distant cousin) to presidents Pierce, Garfield, Bush, Bush II (assuming that George W was Bush II’s biological father), and Obama.  I think he is going to need a lot of good historical documentation to back him up when he starts talking to his school teachers about his family background.  Cindy has a lot of work cut out for her.

So far, she has documentation for about 122 Grandfathers who either came to America or were born here.

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