Jul 30

More on researching and my progress.

pen and ink drawing of Micheal Pierce

Michael Pierce

Project Wordcount!!

In  the spring I found myself at what I had established as my half way point in my Grandfathers project.  Before I headed on into the era that I was most excited about documenting I thought I would take one more long look at what was on ancestry.com and make up a pedigree chart that would help me follow my ancestry lines.   I knew that up until then there were huge gaps on my paternal side.  I had been using a great aunt on my maternal sides work to base my research on and was finding the information I needed to write short biographies of each ancestor with no problem.   I was not prepared for what I found in April.   Holy Cow someone somewhere had updated my paternal side.  Name after name after name after name showed up.   In my best historical research mode that someone at UMUC somehow taught me, I got out not one but two  packs of 3X5 cards and started jotting them down.  For each new name I make out a 3×5 card, I add them to a list and as I write whatever I can about the person –birth dates, marriage date, children, death, their place and time and whatever I can find about them and which family line they belong to-  I mark the person off on both my list and my  cards.  To date I have written a brief biography on over 135 great grandfathers!!   My cute little grandbabies date back to the Mayflower- yes they actually had an ancestor on the fricking Mayflower.  They date back to the earliest settlement of Jamestown—- Jamestown for christs sake.   There are ancestors who were among the first settlers in New Amsterdam- today’s New York.  Ancestors who were given grants for land by William Penn.  Ancestors who helped plan and execute the earliest settlements in both Virginia and Plymouth.  The list blows my mind and with every new bit found I run upstairs and tell Glen – who is trying his best to work from home- my find.   So as I sit today with my updating almost complete my first chapter -Virginia- has 20,410 words,  my second chapter- New England -has 7,709 words and my third chapter –the Happy Colonials- which is not yet totally updated- has a whopping 10.864 words.   My I must have learned how to write somewhere along the line.   BLOWS MY MIND.  BTW this is not counting what I have written about my Revolutionary War ancestors which also has to be updated.  Damn.

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