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Glen and Cindy Music VIdeos

The Pony Man

Cindy performing a bed time story for Stella

This was a fun to put together tune. It includes background vocals from Jan and Debbie (our back door neighbors)

Xander Song

This is a play on an old Western folk tune about Xander.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Something other than a kid song. I wanted to post something other than just the songs we are working on for Xander. Cindy and I do the instruments in this except for the bass and drums (Cakewalk TTS synth for these). I couldn’t quite make it with the bass, so I sequenced it instead.

Re-recorded this one using some different tools. This one uses Sonar X2 for all of the audio processing and Pinacle Studio 14 (an outdated video editing program). This was all worked up on my new Windows 8 install without having to