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This page is just a place to store our current musical projects. Please feel free to have a listen and give us feedback. Sometimes this page starts more than one song at a time. Try pressing the pause button on the one that you did not select if this happens.

[yendifplayer type=audio playlist=1]

Glen & Cindy – The Xander Song

[yendifplayer audio=7]

Glen & Cindy – Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah

[yendifplayer audio=6]

Glen & Cindy – The Pony Man

[yendifplayer audio=8]

Glen & Cindy – The Get Along Little Doggies

[yendifplayer audio=9]
[yendifplayer audio=18]

Cindy – Danny Boy

[yendifplayer audio=4]
[yendifplayer audio=17]

Glen & Cindy – The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

[yendifplayer audio=3]

Glen – Waltzing Matilda

[yendifplayer audio=10]

Glen – Song for a Winter’s Night

[yendifplayer audio=11]
[yendifplayer audio=16]

Glen – Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right)

[yendifplayer audio=12]
[yendifplayer audio=13]

Glen – The Boxer

[yendifplayer audio=14]

Glen – Ghost riders in the Sky

[yendifplayer audio=1]

Glen – Keep On Tryin’

[yendifplayer audio=15]

Video Songs:

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