Notes and Updates on Current Projects

Reflashing a Vypyr DSP board

I have my Arduino Uno all set up to reflash the serial memory chip, but I’m still waiting on the clip that will allow me to program the chip in-circuit. Ordered it on Amazon. They indicated three day delivery when checking out, but on the third day the delivery status was changed to weeks out. I hope they aren’t looking for a good supplier review from me.

Petr’s Vypyr 15 Mods Web Page – Pimp Your Vypyr

It seems that Petr’s web site has been hacked. The link to it has been temporarily removed from this page.

Virtual Vypyr

The purpose of this program is to provide a convenient utility for storing, modifying, cataloging, and sharing these settings with other Vypyr owners. Additional functionality provides for downloading these settings to the amplifier using its built-in MIDI interface.

This project is on hold.  There does not seem to be a lot of interest in making this happen, so it probably isn’t worth spending a lot of time on.

Just testing web things here

Glen’s Test Page