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Pimp your Vypyr 15 & other models

Here you'll find informations about how I "upgraded" my Peavey Vypyr 15 to gain from features like Stompboxes, MIDI in/out, USB rec out and Looper, wich are available only in the higher models (Vypyr 30 or 75). Sooner or later you'll also find here an information how I build my own and cheap MIDI pedal as an alternative to original Sanpera I & II pedals.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me at 

Red LEDs in Effects indicate selected stompbox effect.


Stompboxes (pre-amplifier effects) are available only from Vypyr 30. The trick consists in modifying the control panel of the amp. I've added new stompbox knob between input and amp selector. Choosen per-amp effect is indicated via effects LEDs in red - see the pictures & videos how it works.

If you are interested in details, you have to do two things:
  1. add a new knob (coded rotary switch)
  2. replace green color effect LEDs for bi-colored
For this purpose I've made two small printed circuit boards (PCB's) - one is carying LEDs and the second with rotary encoder, so all you need is to:
  1. solder out original green LEDs and solder new PCB with bi-colored ones
  2. attach 2nd PCB (it has adhesive tape on its back) and solder its 4 wires into right places
If you don't want to drill a hole in the front panel like me due to waranty, you can also place stompbox knob somewhere outside (in small box and attach with adhesive tape e.g.). All changes to control panel board can be reverted if needed..


If  you are interested and have some basic soldering skills, I can prepare some DIY kit for you (2 assembled PCB's as you can see on the first picture). I still have some PCB's left... just send me an email. Or if you don't feel like doing it by yourself, you can send me your control panel and I can do the modification for you...

MIDI board

MIDI interface is the only way how to foot-control your Vypyr (with Sanpera I & II foot controllers), access looper function and upgrade internal firmware. Through MIDI you can fully control all settings, access all 412 internal banks/presets, use volume/wah/pitch/ gas pedals. By small modification of board, you can even gain from MIDI out and get the feedback from the amp.

Unfortunately Peavey Vypyr 15 lacks MIDI interface. Fortunately you can add it as I did!

I've build my own MIDI board, added MIDI header to the main board and now I can take advantage from all what MIDI can do... see the pics.

I can also build the one for you...


USB board

Recently I've finished USB rec-out board too, which will allow users of Vypyr 15 & 30 recording via USB cable in  "studio quality". No drivers are needed. It seems that there is other potential in USB interface. According to the new firmware announcement (fw v1.66), it would be possible in the future to use it for bi-directional USB communication for firmware upgrade, upload/download presets, etc.

More information about that you can find here:


Speaker On/Off control

If you are using headphones/rec out or recording via USB rec out, the speaker is muted by default. I didn't like this feature, because you are not able to  hear what you're playing during recording. So I make this feature to be "switchable". I've added small circuit and attached it to the Bank switch. Now everytime I press bank switch for more than 2 seconds, the speaker status is toggled (switched on/off/on/...). I'll add some more info about that soon.


Sanpera alternative MIDI foot controller

It will have more features than Sanpera I but for a half price of it... ;)

to be continued...

Sanpera I but for a half price of it... ;)

to be continued...

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