Cell Phone Wallpaper Trick

I have a problem that is shared by a lot of people. I can’t seem to drop the habit of being attached to my cell phone wherever I go. On a cruise ship, I find myself darting about from place to place – from the buffet to the pool deck – from the pool to a bar, etc. Between the hustle of constantly going from place to place, and constantly moving around with my phone it isn’t too difficult to imagine leaving it somewhere.

I do have my phone set to require unlocking it before use. However, when it is activated before logging in it shows a wallpaper image on the screen. This wallpaper can be set to any photograph in the phone’s memory. When getting on the ship I take a snapshot with my personal information. I then make this my wallpaper for the duration of the cruise.

I typically include my name, the ship (in case I lose my phone at a port and there are multiple ships), and my cabin number. Having this information makes it easy for someone to return the phone to the right ship. Adding my name and cabin number make it easy to reclaim the phone at the lost and found.

Be careful not to include any security sensitive information like passport numbers of addresses. Your phone may fall into the hands of bad actors. However, most people will take the effort of getting it to the service desk or ship security.