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Posts related to Cindy's project of writing about all of Xander's American Grandfathers.

Jul 30

More on researching and my progress.

Project Wordcount!! In  the spring I found myself at what I had established as my half way point in my Grandfathers project.  Before I headed on into the era that I was most excited about documenting I thought I would take one more long look at what was on and make up a pedigree …

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Jul 23


I have been working on my grandfather project for almost two years now.   I started my work with a record my great aunt put together almost 60 years ago.  She was a very dedicated researcher.  She dug through records, sent out letters, waited patiently for responses.  She would have made a history teacher proud.   However …

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Mar 27

Grandfather Project progress report

Last summer I began researching just how many grandfathers ( born or migrated to the United States) my grandson Xander has.  I knew going into this project that there were a lot of them and that our family lines reach way back.  I was amazed at how many I found and how far back I …

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Feb 27

Xander’s 13X Great Grandfather Michael Pierce

Excerpt from Cindy Colbert’s Xander Project/book. This excerpt talks about Micheal Pierce and his life in the New England colonies.

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Feb 22

One if by land, and two if by sea

least two of Xander’s Grandfathers were not only Revolutionary War Veterans from Massachusets, but were actually Minutemen who fought in the battle of Bunkers (Breeds) Hill. One of them died in this first significant battle for American independance. All American school children are told about this battle made famous by the Wadsworth poem “The Ride of Paul Revere.”

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Feb 20

My Grandpa Project

The last few months I have been collecting the names of and attempting to find some documentation and information on all of Xander and his up coming siblings American Grandfathers.  It is an amazing journey.  I have been able to find the names and in a couple of cases the biography of Grandfathers as far …

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